i prayed too

…and opened my heart to Jesus.

That is the best thing ever!

If it all feels a bit overwhelming however, below is a simple explanation of more or less how we prayed with you, and what happened.

you prayed a prayer thanking Jesus for dying for you. (He did that to buy our freedom; freedom from the burden of all our mistakes, the wrong things we’ve thought and said and done, that we’ve been carrying around like a weight on our shoulders).

you prayed a prayer saying sorry and asking Jesus to forgive you. That’s how our junk gets taken away. Only God, who is overflowing with love for us, can clean us up and put us on our feet again.

you prayed a prayer asking Jesus into your life. That is the best decision anyone can ever make!

…you asked him in as a friend (to help you through every experience in life, to give you his advice and his perspective, to bring God’s love to you, to fill you with his peace and his joy which are supernatural – you don’t need life to feel good before you can have peace and joy from Jesus).

…and you asked him in as your king. He’s your leader now. You’ve chosen to trust him, and to let him shape your life so that it looks like his – a life of love, kindness, generosity and compassion. He wants to make your life beautiful, and he will if you let him!

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