i felt god in my body

When we met you, we might have asked you if you wanted to feel God in your body.

If you said yes, we prayed to invite him to touch you. And you probably felt something that was hard to describe. Some people say that it is like heat, or like the tingling you experience from electricity, or like butterflies in your stomach when you’re excited or in love. And it can also feel almost a bit scary.

God is all about meeting people. It’s his favourite thing! And he’s all about us physically experiencing his presence. Jesus showed us that when he lived on earth. And when he returned to the Father he said that he would leave the Holy Spirit with us so that we would never be alone.

Holy Spirit is God (the third person of the Trinity). He’s awesome. He’s full of power and full of love. He’s the greatest high. He’s the truest, closest friend. His love melts us. He’s fire in our hearts. He speaks and tells us things. He takes us on adventures. He heals people and he sets others free from addictions. He gives true purpose. And wait till you discover his sense of humour! He’s always smiling, always in a good mood, always encouraging, always seeing the best in you, as well as your potential.

So when you felt God in your body, it was Holy Spirit. He’s letting you know that he’s real, that he’s close. And what you felt was just the start. It’s his invitation to you. If you want more of him, you only have to ask him…