supernatural outreach training courses

If you are interested in learning how to do the type of outreach that we are undertaking, the next 1-day training course in Exeter is planned to take place on Saturday 12th May 2018. (Check this page again early next year for confirmation). This course will equip you to embrace a lifestyle where supernatural outreach in the manifest power of the Holy Spirit becomes ‘normal’ in every context.

Attendees on every course run so far have seen people on the street receive healing, prophetic words and Holy Spirit encounters. For many this was the first time that they saw God move in this way through them – they stepped into a new normal!

There is a suggested donation of £10 per person for the day. Please email David for details about timings, location and what to bring with you: 

Here are comments from some of those who undertook the first supernatural outreach training course that David ran in October 2015:

‘Inspiring, informative, enabling and fruitful – thank you team for a superb training course that took me out of my comfort zone without any personal discomfort. I highly recommend this training course to all churches. It equipped us with a renewed mindset and demonstrated to us our natural ability to ‘love the street.’ Doing this training course was like transitioning over a bridge from where I was, to a place I had aspired to but didn’t know how to get there. With every question answered, every opportunity to understand and experience, I saw the manifestation of the love of Christ meet the need of those who had not previously encountered him.  Awesome!’

‘[The] practical outworking [of this course] is like nothing I have seen in the Church for the last 50 years! It  raised our level of faith to believe that the experiences of the early church can return in our day…We saw it begin to happen.’

‘As someone who needs a firm Scriptural basis for stepping out of my comfort zone, I cannot recommend too highly the experience given to us… David’s Bible teaching was completely compelling and the gentleness and the love with which they embraced…those on the streets with whom they prayed was huge.’

‘The Holy Spirit has lifted the faith level in [our church]…everyone has been impacted positively. Alleluia!’

Life will never be the same again 🙂