we’ve met

…on the street. Perhaps we prayed with you. It’s awesome that you want to find out more.

Whatever you experienced when we prayed (whether you received some healing, or tangibly felt God’s presence, or heard from him for the first time) the whole encounter was ultimately about one thing – you discovering and experiencing God’s overwhelming love for you!

A relationship with God, our loving father who is absolutely, passionately nuts about us, is what life is all about. The way to get to know him is through Jesus. And early on in our friendship with Jesus there are some basics that we do well to get our head round so that we know just who it is we’re making friends with.

These basics are: 1. Who is Jesus? 2. Why did he die?

Below are Youtube links to 2 talks from the Alpha Course. Each is about 30 minutes long, and covers these basics really well. We highly recommend them!