Love the Street is a registered charitable organisation (#1158534). As such, we have a board of trustees who take legal responsibility for all that we do. Currently these trustees are:

Duncan Tolson (chair)
Ken Brown (secretary)
Alan Bond (treasurer)
Mary Bond
Chloe Frederick
David Frederick

All trustees are appointed for 2 years. Anyone interested in becoming a trustee is welcome to register their interest with the chair.

The board meets 2 or 3 times a year primarily to review what we have experienced God doing, and where we believe he is leading us, as well as to address the administrative requirements of the organisation.

Minutes of our meetings are available upon request. If you would like to know about the detail of financial income and expenditure, please approach Alan our treasurer directly (the easiest way to do this is on a Saturday when we gather) and he will be delighted to meet with you and talk you through the figures.

The trustees welcome you to approach any one of them if you have a question relating to the running of Love the Street.