january 2018

– the first stranger we prayed for in 2018 was a woman with a Β plaster on their finger from a DIY injury. Immediately after prayer they said that it felt very hot πŸ™‚

– one of our occasional Saturday guests who had torn tendons in the back of his right knee (and who had just been to see a doctor) was prayed for and got completely healed πŸ™‚ All movement instantly restored πŸ™‚

– one of us prayed for someone near their place of work who had slipped over and acquired back pain as a result. After a short prayer the pain was almost completely gone πŸ™‚

– one of us tried out a word of knowledge about a damaged knee with someone they parked next to at the beach. It was accurate and the recipient was totally shocked! His daughter agreed to pray for healing – no immediate change was discernible but the individual continued in his amazement as we moved on πŸ™‚

– one of us tried out a word of knowledge about a damaged shoulder with a group of three students near the cathedral. It was accurate for one of the guys, who could barely lift his shoulder following a fight. After the second prayer, all movement was entirely restored! He was shocked, both about the fact that someone could hear from God like that, and that his arm could be so instantly healed πŸ™‚