november 2017

– two of us approached a lady in town with her arm in a sling. She told us how her elbow had been fractured, but after we prayed nothing appeared to change. Then she told us that she had arthritis in her wrists and neck/shoulders. We prayed, and she experienced immediate relief in both places 🙂 As she shared about her life, it was apparent that she knew many stories about Jesus, but didn’t know him personally. She was happy to invite him into her life, and experienced a tangible touch from Holy Spirit when she asked Jesus to show her how he felt about her. A further word of knowledge about some personal regrets lead to forgiveness and a burden being lifted 🙂

– one of us wanted to bless a shopkeeper in town who was especially kind and generous. They felt they had a word of knowledge concerning a daughter who was unwell, and shared this word – it was spot on! The shopkeeper was happy to receive prayer for her 🙂

– two of us approached 3 lads, one of whom had metal plates in his leg and was in some discomfort. He allowed us to pray, and the pain significantly diminished, much to his delight 🙂 Then we had some accurate prophetic words to share about family situations, and all 3 lads agreed there and then to pray out loud asking Jesus to show them how he felt about them. All experienced differing, positive physical sensations in answer to their prayers 🙂