october 2017

– in another town we approached an elderly couple in the street, one of whom was walking with the aid of a stick. We asked her if she was in pain, and she replied that she had been in an accident not long ago, and now had 3 metal pins in her lower leg, and extremely limited movement of her ankle. We prayed, and to her amazement she immediately had dramatically improved ankle mobility, exclaiming to her husband, ‘This is real! Look!’ as she demonstrated what was now possible 🙂

– one of us approached a group of teenagers in a local park and got to offer healing. Three responded, and all testified to changes that they felt (a bruised foot, a painful wrist and bone spurs).

– one of us asked God for a significant date in the life of the person they were being served by in a supermarket. When it was offered, the person on the till replied that it was the date they believed they lost a grandchild. She was willing to be held by the hand and blessed with peace from Jesus, which she was very pleased and grateful to receive 🙂

– one of us asked God for a word of knowledge for someone in a supermarket. He heard the name of a famous foreign city, and asked the person in question if this place meant anything to them? It did – it was their dream holiday destination! And sharing this opened up an opportunity for more prophecy and the very clear message that God knew their dreams and cared about them 🙂