june 2017

– we met a recent believer on the street who wanted to give up smoking get helped in his body from Holy Spirit when we commanded his lungs to start rejecting cigarette smoke. As he started to retch on the pavement, he agreed how good this was! Ha ha 🙂

– one of us felt a ‘sympathy pain’ in their shoulder as they approached some young people in a shopping centre. One of the group had shoulder pain, and it was instantly healed when they prayed.

– a waitress in a restaurant feels healing heat in her back where there had been pain as one of us begins to pray for her. She also had tangible peace, which she confessed she needed, as soon as she listened to us 🙂

–  after giving accurate prophetic words to a group of young people, one gives his life to Jesus and starts getting sensations all over his body when we pray for him to get filled with Holy Spirit 🙂

–  ministering in another church, we pray for people after the service and cataracts start to disappear in one person’s eyes 🙂 Another person, almost totally blind in one eye caused by a parasite, starts to immediately get vision in that eye restored as we pray 🙂